Application and Database Migration Experts

Founded in 2010, we are deeply entrenched in use of automation to address the migration of SQL database and legacy application migration.  From it’s inception our focus is and has always been the development and deployment of intelligent automated systems to increase the productivity of your knowledge workers. Through the deployment of proprietary software and the delivery of domain specific professional services, we consistently reduce total project costs and timelines.

Beginning in 2011, we began our partnership with Ispirer Systems.  Through this partnership we are able to offer the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 (formerly known as SQLWays) to businesses in the Americas.  We provide unprecedented value to our Fortune 500 customers wishing to move away from expensive & antiquated technologies, allowing them to leverage new best of breed technologies and managed cloud services.

With an eye on greater productivity and efficiency, we continue our commitment to the delivery of automated tools and professional services to this end.

  • The utilization of  most routine cross-platform migration and development tasks, provides intelligent and custom conversion, generates maintainable and optimized code and helps you adopt and study new technologies focusing on the conceptual differences and business objectives. Our unique migration technology and consultative approach raises your business’s performance bar.

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