Case Study

Application Migration of PowerBuilder into .NET C# WPF

InfoOptics PowerBuilder Application Migration
Application Migration of Legacy Powerbuilder Appications to Microsoft .NET Framework

Migrating from a legacy application into a new, ‘best of breed’ environment can be an expensive and time consuming proposition.  Many factors must be taken into consideration to succeed, thus driving many customer to seek automated solutions to increase the efficiency of the professionals engaged in the project.  The Ispirer Migration and Modernization ToolKit (MnMTK) solution is a perfect match when legacy systems reach their limits and need to be migrated in a 21st century development environment. Below you will find the details of the Migration PowerBuilder to .NET C# WPF Case Study.

Who was the client?

  •      One of North America’s leading pharmaceutical enterprises.

What were the client’s challenges?  

  •      Management determined their environment was not flexible enough with their current system.
  •      Consolidation of the system to .NET.
  •      Conversion of PowerBuilder scripts to C# was necessary.
  •      The Ispirer MnMTK 2015 toolset was selected as the reliable provider of application migration solutions.

InfoOptics Solution:

  •      Generally, all large projects start with a Proof-of-Concept (POC) stage, which illustrates the reliability and viability of our migration expertise to the client.
  •      Therefore, the practicability of PowerBuilder to C# migration was established previously during the POC stage.
  •      Several customizations were performed and new conversion rules were added to address the specific challenges.
  •      The client then entered a licensing engagement, along support for conversion of about 1,800,000 lines of PowerBuilder code.
  •      During the project’s application our client then acknowledged the need to choose the design pattern MVC
  •      The automation toolset was then customized the tool for this purpose and MVC UI pattern was automated in the tool.
  •     Due to the close interaction with our client, all of the requirements were taken into account and customized expeditiously.

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Results & Advantages:

  •      Using the Ispirer MnMTK toolset, the client successfully migrated all scripts related to PowerBuilder application and started  testing and validation of C#.NET solution.
  •      This solution fully met the client’s expectations.
  •     ~1.8 million lines of code were successfully migrated into .NET

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