Case Study

Migration of COBOL to C#.NET Process By InfoOptics

COBOL to C#.NET Migration 

In this particular case study, InfoOptics was engaged to handle the task of migrating COBOL to C#.NET. In the end, a quick, professional migration was executed with all of the requirements of the customer being fulfilled. InfoOptics was available to the client during the whole migration process and worked diligently in order to come through and deliver in less than a months timeframe.

Who was the client?

  • A healthcare organization located in the United States with a dedication towards improving funding and clinical performance of hospitals and healthcare systems. This was done by the introduction of technology and various health management systems. 

What were the client’s challenges?

  •      Coordination of their internal management processes while using a range of methods.
  •      The need to change its business application platform.
  •      Needed to get the operational application in the new C# .NET environment within a months timeframe.
  •      The entire COBOL application, which included 15 thousand lines of code, needed to be migrated.

What was InfoOptics Solution?

  •   COBOL was migrated over to the C#.NET systems.
  •   InfoOptics migration specialists collected the specifications needed to the target code and then continued to perform the conversion.
  •    The following statements were handled by extending automatic conversion:
    •    NOT NUMERIC conversion;
    •    Compare for multi-values (if(some_var != “73” && “74” && ” “) );
    •    Function INTEGER-OF-DATE conversion;
    •    SEARCH ALL conversion;
    •    PERFORM UNTIL statement conversion.

What Were the Results & Advantages?

  • In less than a months timeframe work was completed and provided the client meeting their exact requirements.
  •  A fully functional C#.NET application was produced.
  • The customer was fully satisfied and began running their C#.NET application.

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