Oracle to Amazon Redshift Migration Process

Amazon Redshift Migration

Oracle to Amazon Redshift Migration

One of the many services InfoOptics provides is the migration of Oracle to Amazon Redshift. In this article we will be covering the process and benefits of choosing our company to handle your migration process.   Migrating an Oracle database to Amazon Redshift will improve your data and query load performance, increase stability and save you money. Leveraging proprietary migration tools allows us to be one of the leaders in database migration industry, insuring your migration process with InfoOptics will be smooth and swift.

Step-by-step process of Oracle to Amazon Redshift Migration:

  1. Tables and Data
    • Column definition conversion
    • Referential Integrity Constraint Conversion
    • Comment Conversion
    • Any conflicts are resolved
    • Data is transferred
  2. SQL Functions (Aggregate functions: AVG, COUNT, … / Date functions: ADD_MONTHS, AGE, … / Math functions: ABS, ACOS, ASIN, …)
  3. DML statements (Queries): SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, …
  4. Use Command Line and ease your transfer process: embed the migration while developing or start it on the schedule.
  5. Fulfill Migration Validation with Ispirer MnMTK: perform data validation and compare tables and raw number automatically.

Cloud databases are rapidly growing in the business world and your choice to switch over to Amazon Redshift is a smart move in the right direction.

Why choose InfoOptics & Ispirer Systems?

We are extremely knowledgeable and able to limit the downtime of your systems. Also we provide professional in-depth communication.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

The Three Stages of our Process

  • Stage 1: Database schema/DDL, business logic migration
  • Stage 2: Data transfer and validation
  • Stage 3: Embedded SQL and SQL queries/scripts conversion

Along with that process you will also receive:

  • Fast Customization: Between 1 and 2 business days
  • Pre-Sale Engagement: A pre-interview and meeting highlighting all steps that are to be taken.
  • Project-Based Prices: Fully detailed quote
  • Optimized Conversion: Easy to read and maintainable code.


Contact us today to get started on your database migration!