Migrating Legacy Databases Into a New Database Technology Challenges.

Migrating Legacy DatabasesMigrating Legacy Databases

What is the biggest obstacles when migrating legacy databases to into a new database technology?

Typically SQL objects such as triggers, views, stored procedures, functions and packages present the biggest challenge to the migration into a New database system.

Migrate Informix to MySQL 

The Ispirer Migration and Moderation Toolkit is the easy and quick way to make your migration from Informix to MySQL painless. During the migration database schema(DDL), data and server-side business logic are converted from Informix to MySQL. Additionally, during this process any aspect can be fully customized to fit our client’s wishes.

Informix to MySQL Migration Features

All of the following database objects and projects are migrated during the process:

  • Tables & Data
    • Column Definitions
    • Integrity Constraints
    • Comments
    • Identifies any conflicts and reserved words
    • Transfers Data
  • Indexes
  • Views
  • Logins
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers

Why choose InfoOptics to migrate from Informix to MySQL?

  • During an InfoOptics migration you will receive exclusive, first-rate service. Full satisfaction of our client’s is our top priority.
  • The key benefits of using InfoOptics include:
    • 100% Automation during all 3 stages.
    • Flexible Pricing
    • Many years of experience with a diverse amount of knowledge.
    • Rapid-gratifying customization.
      • Optimizations are made within 1-2 business days.
    • Pre-Sales Engagement
      • You will be aware of the full step-by-step process prior to any work being done.
    • Optimized Conversion
    • Our highly qualified migration experts can find a solution to any assignment, no matter how challenging!

When you are ready to migrate from Informix to MySQL (or any other database migration) give us a shout, we’re here to help!

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